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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I grew up in South Africa and spent my childhood running around the potholed streets of Mthatha, the capital of a former Apartheid homeland and what one might describe as anything between a mini banana-republic and an examplar of the crisis-ridden African metropolis. When I was 13, I packed off for girls' boarding school where, among other things, I learned to be a lady, discovered my passion for writing and public speaking, and determined never to be confined by the limits of standardized education. I was selected for numerous national teams for debating and public speaking and between 2015 and 2016 I travelled the world extensively to compete in international competitions.

Travelling throughout high school left a huge impression on me. When I graduated, I gave up a full scholarship in South Africa to attend Minerva, a San Francisco-based university that turns tertiary education on its head. We travel the world as we study, living in seven countries over four years. Looking back, it was the best decision I have ever made. I cannot express the depth and breadth of experience I've had living in foreign countries, making friends around the world, and applying what I learn in tangible ways.

"I am my ancestors' wildest dreams"

As an undergraduate student in Economics and Data Science, I've worked for a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, a digital fabrication and biodesign lab in South Korea, and a grassroots organization using the blockchain to design community currencies in Kenya. My experiences have taught me that much of what we view as 'normal' is really just what is common – and what is common tends to be the byproduct of what the majority settle for. Our world needs people who are willing to challenge what is normal, see past differences, build bridges, and contribute to solving the complex issues of our times. I hope to be one of those people.  


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