Well, here's the thing,

You're equally likely to find me backpacking through Rajasthan, doing the samba in Seoul, making umqombothi in the village, or building businesses in Accra. For as long as I can remember, "merging worlds" has been a core part of my identity. 

I'm  just a small town girl

I grew up in South Africa and spent my childhood running around the potholed streets of Mthatha, the capital of a former Apartheid homeland and what one might describe as anything between a mini banana-republic and an exemplar of the crisis-ridden African metropolis.


And somehow, I thrived. Never underestimate a childhood spent in forgotten small towns.

... who's seen the whole wide world.

When I was 13, I packed off for girls' boarding school where, amongst other things, I learned to be a lady and discovered my passion for language. I represented South Africa on numerous national teams for debating and public speaking, and my high school years consequently were a blur of debating boot camps and international competitions.

I went on to study economics and data science at Minerva, a university that turns education on its head with online classes, experiential learning and global travel. From Silicon Valley to Tokyo to rural Kenya – plus everywhere in between – I'm fascinated by new ways of doing money. Inclusive, resilient and regenerative economies are possible. But we have to build them.

When I'm not writing, researching, working, or kicking myself for trying to do all three – I enjoy baking, learning Russian and watching Kazakh films.


Oh, and dancing. I love dancing 💃🏻

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